Best Naughty selfie captions for selfie with best friends

The selfie quotes and selfie caption are the best way to share a new way to stay ahead of your Images. Captions express a lot about your thoughts and imagination .We have already share thousand of ideas and thoughts that can be used as a perfect selfie caption .These include all kinds of caption ideas such as funny quotes , romantic quotes , best attitude lines , captions for family pictures , naughty selfie captions ,captions for some adventurous  clicks , best motivational quotes for sports persons and players . It also include collection of friends forever  quotes and funny friendship quotes for your pictures with your best friends .

Naughty Selfie Captions

If you are a fun loving guy then you would surely like this amazing collection as it include some very funny kind of quotes for your best buddies . This collection of naughty selfie caption ideas for your whatsapp or whatsapp dp will surely appreciated by you .These funny and best friendship quotes will help you to add a different flavor to your pic . We all know that selfies are extremely popular among the new generation .People love to have a perfect selfie with perfect caption .So with the increase in demand for friendship related captions we have gather some of the best selfie caption for your funny and amazing selfies .

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The selfie caption ideas are gaining huge popularity .Most of us use to express our feelings and current mindset through our captions .In case you are having fun with your besties such as having a party , going for a a hike the these are the best captions for your selfie with friends .

# Selfie Captions for picture with best buddies 

  • A stranger stabs u in da front; a friend stabs u in da back; a BF stabs u in da heart, but best friends only poke each other wid straws.

  • A friend is sumone who sees da truth & pain in u even when u r fooling everyone else.

  • It is gud when a dog is ur friend, bt when yur friend is a dog……:P

  • Friend  borrows ur stuff for a few days then gives it back but Best buddies have a closet full of your stuff .

  • Friends only knows a few things about u but best friends  can write your biography .

# Whatsapp Status for friends/ Naughty Selfie Captions 

These are short but well defines to line to give a proper definition to your amazing and true friendship . These are short but very precise and meaning quotes related to friendship and naughty selfie captions .The sayings shows the true value and friendship.You may choose any one of these lines to use as your selfie caption . You will also get funny quotes related to combine study and it would the best idea to post your group study photo with the given captions related to group study .

  • No friendship is an accident.

  • I hope we never get tired of making fun of each other .

  • When i say i won’t tell anyone that doesn’t  include my Best friend

  • Combines study is meeting wid friends where all aspects of da world are discussed except study .

  • I really treasure Your friendship

  • Friends ask u y u r crying but besties already have the shovel ready to bury that loser who made u  cry .


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Funny and meaningful True Friendship Quotes 

  • Friend – Single soul dwelling in 2 bodies .

  • Friendship – A sweet responsibility

  • True friendship – When u walk 2 ur friends home and ur wifi automatically connects .

  • Friendship – A slow ripening fruit

  • Love is blind but friendship closes its eyes

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