Famous celebrities supporting selfie with daughter campaign

We all know about one of the campaign started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to support girl child .This campaign  aims at to educate people that girls are the base of the society and to prevent various activities that lead to gender ratio gap due to female foeticide.

Sunil Jaglan is the man behind this amazing idea .Learn more about Sunil Jaglan .People from various regions supported this activity including some of the very famous celebrities including film stars , cricketers, T.V actors , politicians and lot more renowned people .

Men all over India have posted photos with their daughters on social media like o facebook and twitter with hashtags #selfiewithdaughter .

Selfie with daughter Photos

sachin_with_daughter_photosSachin with his daughter Sara for #selfiewithdaughter campaign

Famous cricketer Star popular by the name God Of Cricket posted this selfie with his daughter Sara on his official Facebook page.

Sachin is among millions of fathers who joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s #SelfieWithDaughter campaign .He shared his #selfiewithdaughter photo on Twitter page and Facebook page .

shah_rukh_khan_photos Shah Rukh khan with daughter Images

shikhar_ dhawan_with_daughters Sikhar Dhawan Selfie  with daughter photos

Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan shared his picture with his daughters Rhea and Aliyah.

devendra _fadnavis_with_daughter_photos Devendra Fadnavis with daughter Images

One of the proud fathers is Chief Minister of Maharashtra State Devendra Fadnavis who shared his selfie with daughter on Twitter account and quoted   My Daughter, My Pride!


Raajpal Yadav #SelfieWithDaughter tweet sharing his selfie with daughters Honey and Moni .

ashish _chowdary_photos Bollywood Actor Ashish Chowdary with his baby girl

isha_ koopikar_with_baby_photosBollywood celebrities for Selfie with daughter campaign Isha Koopikar

naveen _jindal_with-daughter_photosNaveen Jindal with his daughter

Producer_ Ramesh_ Taurani

Producer Ramesh Taurani shared an adorable picture with his daughters on Facebook . Ramesh posted that he is blessed to have three independent, loving and caring daughters. He further said that he is not a big fan of selfies so he would share one of my favorite pics with his girls!

selfie-daughter_images Proud father with daughters Images

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