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Here are the best and most searched exam time trolls with exam time funny quotes .Get Exam tension status and quotes , exam tension images with quotes , exam hd wallpapers and funny exam images to share with your best buddies during exam times . If you are looking for exam pressure quotes and images such as do not disturb – exam time , then you are at a perfect place .Enjoy these funny exam status and Photos .

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Night before exams is lyk a Nyt be4 Xmas , U can’t sleep , Yet hope 4 a miracle.

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Law of studentology: Book continues 2 b in state of rest or remain covered with dust , unless exam datesheet come .

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It takes 15 trees 2 produce da amount of paper that we use 2 write 1 exam. Join us and promote da noble cause of saving trees.   SAY NO TO EXAMS !!!!!




Da more U study 4 exam , da less sure U r as to which answer they want.

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True story of Every Engineer Student

Biggest Exam Troll

Why we fail in exam ? Reason is explained here…….

1 Year = 365 Days .

Sleeping hours = 8 hours per day .

Means sleeping hours in a year = 122 days .

Days left = 365- 122 = 243 days

Festivals like Diwali , holi etc…and summer vacation = 61 days

Days left = 243- 61 = 182 days

Numbers of Sunday per year = 52

Now we have just = 182-52 = 130 days

Other important days like family functions =15days and college fests = 40 days

Days left for study = 130 -55 =75 days

Eating ( breakfast , lunch and dinner ), bath and other daily task = 3 hours per day

It means 46 days in a year

Days left = 75 -46 =29 days

Chatting with friends = 1 hour per day => 15 days

Now we have just = 29 – 15 =14 days

We can fall sick = 10 days

Now left with = 14 -10 = 4 days

Watching T.V = 3 days ( per year )

Days for study = 4 -3 = 1 day

JUST 1 DAY   …..

Guys You have 1 day for a birthday in a year and how can you study on that day !!!!

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