Happy Birthday America Special messages for American Independence Day

On July 4, 1776, America get independence from Britain and thus world most powerful took its birth.That time it was not known that this nation will reach the zenith of its glory in such a less time interval. This day America adopted the Declaration of Independence in the year 1776.



Patriotic Wallpapers for 4th July 2016

This july America  will complete 240 years of Independence .Long Live America !!

Happy Birthday America Wishes

America celebrates its Independence Day every year on July 4 .It is often referred as “the Fourth of July”. On this day ,there is national holiday in America.Every citizen enjoy this day in their own way. They express their happiness in different ways. Number of events take place such as various competitions . People participate in Parades that take place in major cities of U.S.A . Most of the citizens use to put Flag on their vehicles .In addition some love to wear Flag printed dresses  , make special recipes and exchange of greeting cards with patriotic messages also take place .

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The United States is really a nation having lot of diversity .The people are very hard working and open minded ,they know how to enjoy each and every occasion together.They know how to work as a team to come out of terrible situations.

 How people celebrate this Day 

American people enjoy this day to the best .They celebrate their freedom and independence by going picnics with the family,going to parting or arranging family gatherings. Gift exchange also take place .They also give the information to their children how they nation got Independence.
On Independence Day people go to watch the parades .There are many political speeches given by the highly influential people of the country. Country reminds the sacrifices given by the patriotic leaders and salute them.
There are many public and private events held all over the country to celebrate their glory and take a look of their rich history,traditions and achievements.4 july is the National Day of the United States.

 America cordially invite all the nations of the world to celebrate their Independence Day on this 4 July.

Independence Day of America is a patriotic holiday celebrated by its citizen and all other Americans living worldwide.

Happy Birthday America Messages

Freedom has its lyf in da hearts ,

da actions, da spirit of men & so

it must b  daily earned & refreshed 

else lyk a flower cut from its lyf giving roots , it will wither & die

Proud to be American Message

 I m proud 2 be an AMERICAN 

where at least I kno , I M A free bird

& I won’t forget 

Da men who died and gave dat ryt 2 me

Now I gladly stand up and Defend My nation

Becos I love this Land

God Bless U.S.A 





american independence day wishes , independence day quotes

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 american independence day 4 july images


Happy 4th July Wallpapers

american independence day wishes , independence day quotes


Patriotic messages for 4july 2016

May da firework of Pride , solitude & love

4 ur country dwell in ur heart

& In da hearts of all our brothers and sisters

Long Live America !!

A very happy 4 JULY 2016

 4 july wallpapers, american independence day wishes

4 july cool wallpapers, independence day images

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american independence day 4 july

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