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Everyone of us knows that Teacher play a significant role in shaping our personality.Today on the eve of Teacher’s Day we must dedicated something special to our teachers who make a lot of hard work for us .We as students never realize the value of teachers unless we become successful.

This special day is to  salute the nation builder,the creators of our destiny.Lets salute our great teachers.

Happy Teacher’s Day 2014

Teacher’s day is celebrated in every country on different dates to honor the teachers and their passion for teaching us from the very base to high learning.Teachers guide us in right direction .The main aim of this special day is honor and appreciate their love for  teaching.


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History of Teacher’s Day

In India Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5   September on the  birthday of the second president of India  Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Dr.Radhakrishnan was one of  the most influential scholars of comparative religion and philosophy.He was among the great teachers of his time.

This great man  won number of award due to his excellence in the profession. These awards of appreciation include   British knighthood (in the year  1931),  Bharat Ratna  and Order of Merit (in 1963).

When he became India’s President ,majority of  students wanted to celebrate his birthday.But he  remarked that instead of celebrating his birthday, it would best is this day could be dedicated to teachers and  September 5 would be observed as Teacher’s Day

This special day  is tribute to this great teacher.

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Inspirational Quotes on Teachers

Here are some of the true and best quotes for teachers.

Really a gifted teacher is as rare as a gifted doctor.They are selfless and more concerned about the students future rather than money.An  average teacher explains the complexity of the topic but  the gifted teacher reveals its simplicity rightly said by Robert Brault.

Make this day special to your teachers by dedicating these messages to your best teachers


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Before going to great Teacher’s Day quotes .First see the full form of a TEACHER

  • T-Talent

Happy Teachers Day!!!

Defination of a  good teacher according to students :

The good teacher is one who=

-Should Be Absent At Least 4  Times A Week

-Should not distrub the students while they are talking.

-Allow to use facebook in the class
-Should Come In Class 15 minutes  Late And Left it 15 Minutes  Earlier
-Never ask any question from students.

-Never take test and  Give Any Homework  or  Assignments

Teacher’s Day Quotes ,Greetings and Funny SMS

A Good Teacher is one Who
motivates you To Study Hard…
But ..
A Best Teacher is one Who
Stands Outside the
Examination Hall and  Shouts…

Happy Teacher’s Day to all those teachers!!!

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The way you teach us
The knowledge you share with us
The care you take
The love you shower on us
Makes you…
The  best teacher in the world.
Happy Teacher’s Day!  
Remember all the words he say
Words to make you social and special
He is our guide and teacher
Let us make him feel pride.
Our Best teachers -We will make you pride
The Award for
the most wonderful teacher
in the world has been declared
it goes to You.
Wishing you a very very  Happy Teachers day!

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