I Love Sleep funny quotes and memes for Whatsapp , Snapchat

Hello friends , we are back with some nice collections of funny sleep quotes for those who are fond of sleeping . For some people , sleeping is a hobby as they are in love with it . Here we are to make your nights little bit funnier with these amazing sleep funny quotes that you will love to share when you are going to bed .

I Love Sleep Funny Quotes collection

Here we will provide you lots of funny , cute and hilarious sleep related messages and quotes . You can update these funny quotes as your status on your social media profiles or share them in your whatsapp groups .The collection also includes some of the romantic and cute messages that will surely make your relationship sweeter .So have a look at this fantastic collection .

Now if are in a mood to send something hilarious yet romantic to your love , this funny sleep quotes is a perfect option  .

funny_ sleep_ quotes

In da morning I can’t eat

As I’m thinking of U.

In da evening I can’t eat ,

As I’m thinking of my Love .

At  night I can’t sleep.. I’m so hungry!

I love sleep status for whatsapp

I love sleep. My lyf has da tendency 2 fall apart when I’m awake, U know?

Funny sleep Quotes for snapchat

Laugh & da world  laughs wid U  ; snore, & U    sleep alone!”

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Funny I Love Sleep Messages

funny_ i _love_ sleep _messages

WhatsApp DP ideas

When people tell me

” U R going 2 regret dat in the morning “

What I ll do is to sleep in until noon becos I’m a problem solver.

Cute romantic sleep messages for your boyfriend

If you want to  sleep with your boy , this is really a cute way to ask for that  and trust me your boy will love it .

Baby , I lost my teddy bear, can I sleep wid U ?


One line Funny Sleep Messages for Instagram


Cute sleep messages for Snapchat / I Love Sleep Wallpapers

funny_ nap _quotes

Quotes about Naps

  • I’m so gud at sleeping dat it can b done by me wid my eyes closed.
  • A day widout a nap is just lyk a cupcake missing frosting !!
  • When nothing goes ryt , go 2 bed !!
  • Naps sounds so childish , I call them by HORIZONTAL LYF PAUSES .
  • When all else fails , take a nap .
  • My dear sleep , I understand dat we had a problem when I was young .Bt trust me I love U now 
  • My love for sleep can’t be described by words !!
  • In a mood 2 sleep for years .
  • Sleep : Da most productive thing I can do !!
  • No breakfast in this world tastes as good as sleep feels .
  • Sleep is my drug , my bed my dealer and the alarm clock is da POLICE 

Hope you had a great time reading  I love sleep funny quotes .Wish you all a Good night and a quiet sleep . Send  these funny sleep quotes to your friends and we bet that they will wake up laughing from these hilarious messages .These are really worth sharing quotes over coffee. If you like our collection , hit the like and share button and let your friends know about these hilarious sayings .


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