Indian Flexible packaging market

Hi everyone !! Dazzlers are back from a long time. Let”s start an analysis on Indian Flexible packaging market and customised printing solutions. First of all we should understand the basics of  this industry what it comprises of. After reading this article you will get to know about Packaging and labeling.

Why Flexible packaging ?

India is a very huge market. By growing demands of ready to use products in every segment, there comes an arrival of packaging. Now everything we purchase in market is packed in form of Pouches or bags. Only a few products are packed in bottles of glass or any other material.

Plastic is the key holder in packaging industry. Its characteristic to get any shape, very high strength gives an edge over other materials. Manufacturing cost of plastic pouches is very low comparative to other packaging solutions. Energy in production is very less consumed in flexible packaging.

India Flexible packaging markets :-

Agricultural & Chemical Industry

Food & Beverages Industry


Personal & Home care

Types of Pouches :-

Zipper pouches

Stand up Pouches

Spout Pouches

 Centre seal pouches

Bottom gusset pouches

Best Company for Flexible packaging and Customised Printing –

Osho Industries Limited

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