Race of my Life -Autobiography of athlete Milkha Singh

Race of my life-Milkha Singh

The Race of my Life  by Milkha Singh

The race of my life based on the life of legendary Indian athlete Milkha Singh will be available in the market from august.Milkha Singh is more commonly known as The Flying Sikh.

Milkha Singh earns this  nickname ‘Flying Sikh’ from a Pakistan’s General Ayub Khan  when he defeated Pakistan’s faster runner  Abdul Khaliq, Pakistan’s faster runner in  1962.

This book of Milkha Singh will give the outlook of the events and incidents that effected the life of this famous athlete.It will be a source of inspiration to all the young sports person.It will act as a tonic to them.This book really show that nothing is impossible for a soul on fire.

  • Author : Milkha Singh
  • The Race of my Life price : Rs.225
  • Release date :    Book will be released in  August
  • Children :  Jeev Milkha Singh


 This Autobiography covers important facts of his life  like:

The Race of My Life represents  the journey of refugee who ultimately  become one of the most successful personalities  in the history of Indian sports.

  • Milkha Singh suffers a lot in his life.His life was full of struggle .This athlete experience everything poverty, tragedy but then also emerges as the most successful athlete.
  • He was born  in Pakistan in 1935 .His school was 10km away from his village .To reach school ,Milkha Singh  had to walk barefoot on  hot sand, and then swim across 2 canals but he  overcame all these hindrances everyday .He took it as a challenge.
  • He  saw with his  eyes how his  parents and siblings were killed in  1947 partition .But Milkha Singh escaped,he   ran for his life after his dying father ordered ‘Bhaag  Milkha Bhaag ’. That is why the name of movie based on this athlete’s biopic is named as Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.
  • This athlete  got recruited in the Indian Army in 1951 when  his talent got noticed and a  Havaldar named Gurdev Singh saw his running skills.
  • During his running days,Milkha Singh  could sprint barefoot, anywhere, anytime and on any surface.The first time this athlete wore a shoe was  during  trials for  Melbourne Olympics in 1955

 Races and Awards

  • Milkha Singh was awarded with Padma Shri Award in 1959 by Indian Government.
  • In 1991,he  was given the honour of being the  Director of Sports and Youth Programme of  Punjab Government.
  • In the year 1957, Milkha Singh established   national record in 400 m race which he completed in  47.5 secs.
  •  In 3rd  Asian Games ,  held at  Tokyo, Milkha Singh created  2  records in races of 200m and 400 m.He won 2 gold medals in these games for India.
  • Milkha Singh occupied 4th Place in the race at Summer Olympics held in 1960.
  • He won Gold Medal –in 4oom in Commonwealth Games (in 1958)
  •  In 4thAsian games ,  held at  Jakarta, Milkha Singh won  400 m race  thereby getting 1  gold medal for India.
  • Milkha Singh is the only Indian athlete to  break an Olympic track record.
  • Milkha Singh has won 77 races out of   80 races.


Milkha  Singh is  a man who defines his own destiny. His life is always  dominated by sports.

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