Software companies giving highest salary package-by Glassdoor

Today  everyone want to have the best job in topmost company but to work for highest paid companies of the world is not an easy ask .There is neck to neck  competition among youth to work in those reputed companies.These world renowned companies are dream companies of every youth.

To make your work a little bit easier  we are providing you the list of top best companies for software engineers.From every point of view including salary , facilities etc these software companies are first choice for software engineers .

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Here is a list provided by Glassdoor- Professional networking website  about the ‘highest paying companies for software engineers’ .You may check here the companies offering the highest average annual base salary to software engineers in the US.

Top  15 companies according to  Glassdoor’s list.


Juniper Networks

juniper networks , software companies

This software compies is basically a network equipment maker and is on the first number among other software companies from salary point of view.It is on top of ‘highest paying companies for software engineers’.It can been seen from the figure that Juniper Networks  offers its software engineers an average annual base salary of $159,990.


Linkedin – Linkedin is a professional networking website and pays around annual base salary of $136,427 for software engineers.



social networking sites, yahoo software company

Next  software company is internet giant Yahoo. This company offers very high packages to its software engineers with an annual base salary of $130,312.


google salary package, google search engines

Here is software company which is the dream company  for large number of youth today .  This  is search giant Google. Many of the software engineers take it as their dream company to work .The company’s software engineers receive an average annual base salary of $127,143.


After Google , the next dream company according to Glassdoor’s ranking is social media  Twitter .This social networking site is on number 5 .One of the best option for software engineers as it provide perfect salary to his employees .Twitter offers average annual salary of $124,863 to the software engineers.


Technology icon Apple offers also comes under the most paying software coming .The average salary given by Apple(world renowned iPhone maker company ) to  its engineers is  $124,630.


oracle company , top software companies

Enterprise computing leader Oracle is at number 7 on the basis of annual salary provided to its software engineers . Oracle provides many facilities apart from salary.It comes among the perfect place for engineers to work. The software engineers who are working for this world famous company are given an annual package of around  $122,905.


walmart software comapny

Other software company where there is great scope for engineers according to the survey conducted by Glassdoor include the given below companies.

Walmart – Company that gives an average annual salary of $122,110 to its software engineers.


Facebook –World’s top social network that needs no explanation.Large number of engineers want o work for it.Huge annual packages , interesting workplace attract the software engineers all over the world to work for Facebook .It comes under top 10 highest paying companies in the world .The company’s software engineers receive an excellent  average annual salary of $121,507.


The next company on the list to pay high salary to its employees is  IT application provider Integral. This IT company provides an average annual salary of $117,927 to its  software engineers.


Other software and IT Companies providing the best pay and best facilities to its engineers include :

Arista –

Networking equipment company Arista .Annual salary of its software engineers  $116,067.


Graphics processing unit maker Nvidia . Salary of company’s software engineers is  of $115,649, according  to Glassdoor survey .


eBay – Leading auction website eBay ranks .This world popular website  offers its software engineers an average annual salary of $114,720.



amazon social site – an American based  international electronic commerce  having its  headquarters in Seattle, U.S.A .Amazon is At number fourteen on Glassdoor’s list is e-commerce giant Amazon. The internet behemoth pays an average annual salary of its software engineers is $110,907


HP (Hewlett-Packard ) company – World famous  top PC manufacturer Hewlett-Packard .This IT company pay about $110,506  annually to its software engineers.


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