What is Skyball serve in Volleyball and its Techniques

Today we are going to discuss about one of the most popular serve of volleyball that become world news at Rio Olympics . Yes you are right .It is the Skyball serve of Volleyball . The credit of making it famous goes to Adrian Carambula who is  a beach volleyball player  and represented his country  Italy in the Rio Olympics 2016 .

Skyball Serve in Volleyball

Serve is actually the action to put the ball into play . There are number of types and techniques to serve in a effective way .Some of the common serves used during the matches .One of the serve is  Float Serve  that is totally unpredictable .It is a  serve  in which the ball can move unexpectedly to the right or the left or it can drop suddenly. Second serve is Topspin serve in which  the ball is tossed  a little higher and the server strikes the ball towards the top of the back in a down and outward motion . Third one is Jump serve in which server jumps and strikes the ball in the air.

Adrian- Carambula-skyball-serve

Today we are going to discuss about Skyball serve and what is the best technique to perform this amazing type of volleyball serve .Skyball is a new kind of serve in which a player he turns around and bashes an underhand serve over his head with some spin . The balls goes very high before crossing the net and landing in opposite team’s court .

It really looks weird, but trust me it actually  work and Carambula has proved it .Carambula is a professional player to use this unique serve on international level tournament . After the match when he was asked about this amazing Skyball serve , he said that he came up with the serve as a child, purely by chance.

Adrian Carambula served upto 30 m Skyball serve in Match during Rio Olympics . Due to his amazing skills , Adrian earned the nickname Mr Skyball  and he truly deserves it .

Technique for Skyball serve

This video shows the technique for Skyball Serve.You have to throw the ball in the air and then use under serve to give it a few meters of height o that it falls on the other side of the net  in an unpredictable trajectory .There are some of the facts that should be kept in mind to avoid any mistake during Skyball serve .

  • Care should be taken that the  sun is at your back and your opponent team is looking in to it.

  • Direction of wind should be kept in view .

  • Try to target on the center of  opponent’s side of the court.


This Italian beach volleyball player  used skyball serve  in the opening match of the competition on sunny Copacabana Beach. It really went well . He used a skyball serve (  a towering underhand serve ) up to 30 metres into the air and then landed into opponent team’s court with  its unpredictable trajectory.



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